Customs Brokerage

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As a Corporate Customs Brokerage, our qualified, licensed Customs Brokers have extensive industry knowledge, integrity and professionalism. We will ensure that your shipments are cleared through Australian Customs Service and the Department of Agriculture (Quarantine) in accordance with all regulations and legislation.

We constantly review and research all areas of international trade, ensuring we have the necessary tools and experience to clear your shipments correctly.

Services we can provide you with include:

· Landed Costings
· Trade Agreement Advice
· Quarantine assessment and compliance
· TCA (Tariff Classification Advice)
· By-Law or Tariff Concession Application
· Duty Refund Application
· Duty Drawback Application
· TRADEX Application / Implementation / Reporting Project By-Law
· Compliance Audits and Investigations

As members of the Customs Brokers and Forwarders Council of Australia (CBFCA) and Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA) we stay at the forefront of emerging issues within our industry.