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After working in the industry since 1996, I set out in 2007 to establish a company with traditional customer service values and business ethics. A place where the customer is number one, a business that understands that without customers, we would not be here.

Today my team and I have successfully grown Tradewise into a company of which I am extremely proud. We have built personal relationships with each client, we are not a place where customers are numbers and my staff don’t just have jobs. Everyone understands that they each contribute an important part to both Tradewise and to our customer's businesses.

Our approach with each client is individual. We don’t send out the sales rep to lock in the customer, instead I personally visit each client and discuss what is happening in their business. We learn what they need and tailor our service around their requirements. As things change, and the client’s needs vary, we adapt our services to suit.

Our commitment to our staff is also extremely important. We ensure that each team member’s professional development within the company and industry is maintained.

Over the years, our customers have also contributed to the growth of our company by recommending our services to their friends and contacts. This is a sign of the value they place on our services and we thank each and every client for their assistance.

I hope that Tradewise can assist your company with your import and or export freight forwarding requirements and welcome the opportunity to meet with you.

Please feel free to contact me directly at andrew@tradewiseglobal.com.au

Thank you!